#CancelBoardExams: cancelboardexam2021 – What is cancelboardexam2021 campaign 2021

We all know that at this time Coronavirus is once again coming to its peak and this is why #cancelboardexam2021 is becoming more viral on social media. Many people will know about it and many people will not know about it, so today I will tell you what it is #cancelboardexam2021, and why it is happening.

First, let’s know what a # is?

On the internet, we have to stand together and put our point in front, then we have to present our talk to people through any medium, for this we take the help of # whenever we post any post or Then put any article anywhere and if we use this track while we are with it, then it means that all the people who have used # will see it together.

You will get to see a lot of war on the internet, some people say that the life of children is more important, not because of this, because of this, all the exams can be used to promote the children by running a campaign on this burning tutor. Which is going to be called #CancelBoardExams.


So far, more than six lakh tweets have been done on it and this is a very large number, now it is to be seen that our Government of India approves this decision.

Much mockery is being made against the Indian government on the internet, which is being shown to us through some cartoons.


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