Google Doodle Sports Games Kya Hai? How To Play Google Doodle Sports Games |

Google Doodle Sports Games Kya Hai? :- Lockdown 3 started and states and cities in the country are divided into Red, Green and Orange Zone. Those living in the green zone will get the maximum relief while those in the red and orange zone will get less. Despite all this, the lockdown will continue in the country and people will not be able to roam the streets like this. In such a situation, Google has brought a new game Pepper and Ice Cream in its Doodle Games series to entertain at home. The game is based on the American chemist and award-winning researcher Wilbur Scoville, who made a difference in the sharpness of the chili.

This 2016 Google Doodle was introduced. In this, you will get the fun of the game along with the knowledge. This is an interactive Google Doodle Game. In this game, the user gets a chance to reduce the sharpness of chilli and that too with the help of ice cream. Isn’t it a spicy and sweet game. This doodle was designed by Olivia Huynh. By throwing ice cream in it, you reduce the sharpness of the chili.

How To Play Google Doodle Sports Games |

Let us know that Google, which recently saluted the Corona Warriors with its doodle, has now introduced fun games for the people locked in the houses in Lockdown. In this series of Google Doodle Sports Games, the search engine has so far kept a place for its users in the games seen in Doodles.

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Google has included its most liked games so far in this offer. These games with an extremely light mood are really fun and are big time killers. Search engines offer such fun games to their users. Doodles with the logo or animations of these games will appear on the search page daily and you can play the game by clicking here on the page of these games.

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