How to protect your mobile from heating | Why mobile phones are hot?

How to protect your mobile from heating :-  Hello Friends Today’s post is very important because today we are going to talk on a very important topic that why your mobile phone is hot, the reason and what to do when your phone is hot. Friends, at the time today,

We love your mobile phone very much and one day can we not stay away from our mobile even for 5 minutes. We wake up in the morning, check our phones and keep our mobiles near the bed at night. But sometimes it happens that our mobile becomes very hot.

Due to which we are very afraid that our phone will not be broken. Because nowadays a lot of incidents of mobile battery has come out and many people have lost their lives. So if your mobile is also hot, then you should not do it in any way or else you may have to pay a very heavy price. To help all the people, you must read this post today so that you can know what to do if your mobile is very hot.

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How to protect your mobile from heating | Why mobile phones are hot?
How to protect your mobile from heating | Why mobile phones are hot?

Some reasons for the heating of the phone

#1 Over charging

There are many people who have the habit of always charging their mobile phones in full. There is no problem in charging full, but if you repeatedly charge more than necessary, then this is a big reason due to which your mobile gets hot.

#2 Battery outage

When your mobile is new then your charge is also very fast but as your phone is old then your battery life is also reduced and due to this the battery becomes hot. If your battery is very hot, then it may be that your battery life will be reduced and it will become old.

#3 Play more games

If you play more games than necessary in your mobile, then this also makes the battery hot and starts heating up. Because a lot of battery is used while playing the game. This problem is more when playing games with high resolution.

#4 Long charging

This is the biggest reason due to which your phone gets hot. Many people are so careless that even after the charging of the mobile is full, they do not stop charging. Because of which the mobile keeps charging continuously and if the battery is over-charged, then the phone also bursts several times, which can also cause you a huge loss.

#5 Multitasking

Nowadays, it is the age of smart phones, due to which we can defeat more than one mobile phone at a time, but running more applications than necessary puts a lot of pressure on your mobile processor and because of this also The handset starts heating up.

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#6 Duplicate charger

You must have seen that when you charge your phone with the original charger of your mobile, your mobile gets charged very quickly but if you charge with another phone charger or duplicate charger, then even after charging for hours The phone is not fully charged. When you do this, your mobile starts heating up 100%, your mobile is not charged at all, but there is a lot of pressure on your mobile battery due to which it becomes hot.

#7 watch the video

Nowadays everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube and we also like, but many times people watch big movies on their mobiles. Those whose phones have less processor and RAM, then their mobile becomes hot after some time. Friends do not have to watch mobile TV. There is no problem in watching a lot of videos, but if you watch a movie for 3 to 4 hours in the mobile itself, then it is natural for the mobile to be hot.

#8 Screen Brightness

Many people have a habit that whenever they use their mobiles, they take the brightness of their phone screen too big and this also causes your mobile to become hot. Leave the phone, due to too much brightness, your eyes also have a very bad effect and it is not good at all for your eyes.

#9 Phone up

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It has been seen that when mobile work is completed, people forget to lock the screen of their mobile, due to which the light of their phone keeps on burning and due to this your mobile is also hot.

What to do if the phone is heating? 

If your mobile is very hot, then you have to immediately check if you are not committing the mistakes mentioned above. If you are doing it, stop doing it immediately. Because if the battery of the mobile becomes too hot, then the battery can also burst and it can also cause you huge losses. If you do not understand what the problem is, then you should not do any experiment by yourself and do not ignore it.

You will immediately show your mobile at the mobile repairing shop, they will tell you what the problem is and why your mobile gets hot. Below, we are telling you some ways and measures that you should do if your mobile battery gets hot.

How to protect your mobile from heating?

  1. If there is a problem with the battery, replace your battery immediately.
  2. Always use original battery and never use duplicate battery.
  3. Always charge your mobile with the original charger.
  4. Do not charge your phone again and again.
  5. Turn off your mobile while charging, this causes the battery to charge quickly.
  6. Do not use the mobile while charging.
  7. Do not leave the phone charging at night.
  8. Keep your mobile away from a hot place.
  9. Keep the screen brightness of the mobile medium or low.
  10. Enable screen auto lock.

So friends, this was why mobile is hot and the reason for this, we hope that after reading this post, all of you people will know that due to which your phone gets hot. Friends, if you find this post helpful, then share the post on Facebook and whatsapp so that more people can know how to protect the mobile battery from heating up. How to protect your mobile from heating

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