How To Root Any Android Phone Without Using PC 2020

Hello guys once again welcome to, So today I am going to Tell you guys how to root your android device without using PC so you don’t have to use any PC application to root your android device it’s a very simple quick process that you can follow to you know root your device

How can I root my Android phone without PC 2020?

First of all you’re going to need an application called root checker so here we go root checker search for root checker and then install it in your device except let it install on your device it’s installing yeah it’s installed so now using this application you can check whether root access has been provided for your device so click on agree and click on get started and click on verify root

so as you can see root access is not provided on my device so don’t worry we are gonna root my phone so you’re gonna need an application called I root and now this application is not available on Play Store so I’m gonna provide the link to download this application now of course you can get it from the official ID root replicate but in case if you are not able to download it from the official website I’m gonna provide a media file link of the apk file so you can download it from there.

After Downloading install it so I have already installed it so let’s navigate to downloads and install the application so now this application while installing this application you’re gonna need to turn one settings in your phone which is install unknown apps from unknown websites so this settings you need to turn on these settings in order to install this application otherwise it won’t allow you to install this application as I told you since it’s it’s not been published on Play Store.

Can I root my phone without a computer?

it doesn’t have the proper certificates so you’re gonna have to turn on that settings so I have turned it on already so just click on next next next just go and clicking next now it’s gonna it’s it’s asks me asking me that it’s been blocked by the play product as I told you it’s not published on Play Store so it’s definitely gonna be prompting you this message so just click on install anyway so guys don’t worry this application is completely safe you can install it in your on your Android device it’s it’s not wireless or anything or advi– on anything it’s completely safe so I have installed this application on my phone just open it so it’s gonna show you the ad so just

click so now it’s prompting me whether I want to join the customer experience program well I don’t want to so just uncheck it and click I I click on I agree now here it’s showing that no rule permission so just click on the get route permission so it’s gonna root your device so it’s gonna take a while depending on your device so let it go on route so let

us wait until it’s complete so as you can see it has completed routing my phone so let’s go back to the root checker application and see whether it has indeed routed my device so you might have to refresh the page over here so it’s gonna as you can see root access has been provided to my device so that’s it guys that’s how you can root your android device without using PC and you you can just install the I root application and root your device on the go that’s it it’s a very simple process as you can see it took me less than a minute to root my device so that’s it guys that’s it for today if you like my article then share with your friends.

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