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Welcome to Kya-Kaise.Com Today we tell you about the best Rally Fury – Extreme Racing mobile game. This game for sure an amazing and beautiful game, Just play with your friends. Let’s say Nissan Skyline and you will agree with me. If you like driving, So Rally Fury – Extreme Racing is for you. Respect for creators because there are no Ads, No boring, Feeling of action Run.

I love this game, Not a bad game overall. There are one or two quite annoying problems such as if you crash out and the car gets put back on track there no invincibility so CPU cars just smash straight into you. I like that you don’t need to pay real cash to upgrade to the better cars which you can still achieve quite quickly.

Not the top-notch graphic, but confidentially stands on where it is, the gameplay is fun, and tracks are great and on different locations like desert, snow, jungle, a circuit with day and night timings, some customizations also available with cars, but most important controls are great and level unlocking system is also pretty simple (unlike asphalt and NFS where you can’t unlock new level unless you upgrade the car and that can only be possible if you purchase crate) overall it’s a fun game I loved it.

How often do you update your game? It’s a nice game, but I would want you to put some features like passing through a small bridge, it should have more roads, like passing through the mountains. Please consider my request because I know that you are capable of doing that, judging from your already done work.

This game is one of the best android racing games. Maybe the best. The cars look awesome. The tracks are incredible. The drifting is fun. But the one thing that sucks is that there is nobody customization like a hood, number, fenders, spoilers, etc. The only thing we can change is the paint and the license plate.

What is Rally Fury APK?

This is by far my favorite game, the Very great game this is I already have a million rupees I just downloaded this game like two months ago really awesome game and I have the most expensive car in the game and the graphics are insane they look so real and the best part is that you can take free money by watching ads and you can even customize your car by giving gems I think it’s really amazing and fun game to play and free to play the game and you get daily bonus when you complete a race and its great games,

This game is too good download this game you’ll have so much fun and one thing, why did I give it five stars cause is the greatest game. So if you download this game don’t give any doubt and when you bored with this game you can rate this along with your sadness. Just do your best to make it easy for you too,

This game is fun this game is cool just wish there were more cars than just the phoenix the Atlantis the Auriga the cruise and Taipan I mean a rally muscle car would be nice or some sort of famous rally car but Rally Fury, s version. Note you do not have to add the muscle if you don’t want to, it’s my thing nobody but I like rally muscle cars, but at least lets us have suspension upgrades and light bars n stuff so far this is my fav rally car game 🙂 keep it up.

Nice game, nice graphics, nice tracks, realistic cars, and maps. But when you change control in tilt, it’s hard to control the car and you can connect to ps4 controller, pls guys download this app ” Rally Fury ” to experience realistic racing.

Download Rally Fury APK

Download Rally Fury APK


App Name Rally Fury
Size 122M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Latest Version 1.77
Download 50,000,000+
Join the US Kya-Kaise
Offered by Refuel Games Pty Ltd
Price Free
Get On Rally Fury
Updated On 1 June 2021

Rally Fury APK Features

The animations are very realistic and the cars one of a kind. There are loads of options to go through and many modifications that can be made. Further, it provides a very good driving and DRIFTING experience. And last but not least I love its similar to reality and its consciousness for real-world driving,

We need a new big update with more realistic graphics, new awesome cars, and new maps and free ride mode and other things like new cars which are BMW m series, Toyota supra, Mercedes AMG, Lamborghinis, Bentley and much more. This game is too epic and very short in space we have no problem with low space make it a large minimum of 800MB because this game is the best in the range,

One of the best rally games I played on the phone. Graphics are fine enough, nothing fancy, but enough to enjoy the ride. The game’s highlight is physics. Multiplayer is good, but sometimes it seems there is a glitch ‘cuz opponents’ cars do stunts and often push you out of the track with an enormous amount of force. It would be nice to fix this. Overall, amazing game!

This is a cool game and I always play this because I really love racing games I download this since this was made I did not rate this app a long time ago because I’m am just a kid when I play this and the creator of this game is making this game much cooler and does update the cheater’s shortcuts I think he is watching racer who play this and check if they are cheating thank you for making this app I rate this 5 stars!! And I enjoy playing this game.

Amazing Graphics

The super game really great. I never thought such small size game could do this, its graphics make you feel that you are playing a 1GB game. Very good gameplay and graphics, simulation. Except for the bad steering wheel position and response, this is completely thrilling and it is super. (You could have added some more cars to it or increase the number of opponents, or increase track length, and give some options to upgrade the performance and handling of cars). I get stuck at some level for days still thrilling race,

I love this game so much, I have been playing this game for so many years and it is very good I don’t like games, but this game made me, like playing games it has good graphics and that is nice graphics I normally play this when I have nothing to do I love this spotless game thank for this game,

Nice game to play, I really do like it, and wow, it one of the best card games I ever played and I have finished all the levels. To the developer: well done for the lovely job you did in this game keep it up. But please in the next update, please add the policemen in the game so it can be more fun and enjoyable.

Thrilling And Fun Racing Game

This game is awesome the graphic design, sounds, drift, knockout, boost, control is super cool dev should at least make it more lively than before you guys are awesome in fact, I rate you guys five stars, and most especially the driver avatar should be inside the car before the race and the crowd also to cheering the racer

I had the old version of my previous device and it was good I like what you did, you didn’t change much all the prices are still fair and I enjoy playing the game, but it will be greater if you add more cars real-life cars like Subaru, Toyota, etc.

Very nice racing game graphics are very good for an android game even if you run on low settings I think they should add some more missions cars and camera and the rest game is very good I loved it it is so underrated game,

I enjoy it a lot and improved my driving skills in reality as well. I finished my missions only left with pursues and cone attacks, but sooner will I complete them as well. I thank you for giving us this game cause it’s really enjoyable I am in love with it really. I also play it with friends like a challenge. We have to finish all the races by finishing and raving for 1st place, and if not you fall out of the game until only one winner is found, and we start again, I spend all my free time game,

How To Download And Install Rally Fury APK?

Remember: If you download the Rally Fury APK for the other platform so you can uninstall it right now and Download Form the Play Store.

Step 1 –  We share the link to this Mobile game so if you want to download this Rally Fury game, click on the link so you direct referrals to the Play Store and download it.

Step 2 – Go to the Play Store: First you go to the Play Store and search Rally Fury APK in the search bar and just click on the Download button and download it.

Step 3 – Install APK: Once the game is downloaded, If you want to install it so click on the install button and install it now.

Step 4 – Launch APK: The APK is installing is complete so it can show your android mobile screen tap on the app and use it. Also, play games with your friends.

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