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Thoptv APK for Android: Watch IPL 2021 online on Thop TV. One of the best entertainment apps that brought live TV on Android devices is the viral Thoptv app. This free Android app is being updated very frequently. The app is maintained well in order to support the latest TV channels. Ranging from live cricket matches to drama serials, you can watch everything on this free Android app.

At APKBucket, we are providing the latest APK file of Thoptv app. It is free and you can download the full APK file from our FTP servers. While we will be talking about the app in-depth throughout this article. If you aren’t interested in reading about it and if you are just looking to download the APK file, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Download ThopTv App For Free – Watch Free IPL on ThopTv

Features of Live Net TV

Live Net TV is that the best free alternative to Netflix because it allows users to observe plenty of movies and shows for free! apart from that, there are plenty of features during this that you simply can find on apps like Netflix! Here are they:

A huge library of flicks and Shows – once we want to take a seat back and relax after a day’s work, people mostly watch movies and shows. this is often the common practice worldwide, and it’s still prevalent today. In fact, nowadays, we are even more into movies and shows as technology advances. due to this, cable subscriptions can not continue with the demand of the people. Thankfully, there are now streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. lately, we will watch any movie or show with slightly of a button. But if you would like a free alternative to those, then Live Net TV is your best bet! This app offers an enormous library of flicks and shows that are updated daily!
Channels – during this app, you’ll tune to up to 800 live channels worldwide! In this manner, you don’t need to buy a cable subscription anymore. And additionally, you don’t waste any money by not watching some channels. Now, whatever you crave, you’ll instantly watch it because of Live Net TV.

Categories – apart from the large library of flicks and shows, this app offers them in plenty of categories! There are sports, entertainment, news, movies, documentary, cooking, music, kids, and religion! this suggests that whatever you’re trying to find, you’ll find it here during this app. Whether you would like to observe some classic movies or watch live football, you’ll roll in the hay beat this app. You do not need to suffer watching from anywhere else on the web once you have a premium streaming app that allows you to use it for free!

No Registration – I do know what you’re thinking, since this is often free, they’re probably after my information, right? Wrong! Live Net TV doesn’t force users to register on the app just to stream. They value your privacy in order that they won’t invite any names, emails, birthdays, phone numbers, etc. Just download the app and you’re already one step far away from streaming!
User-friendly Interface – The app features an enormous content library that’s arranged a bit like the favored streaming apps! this suggests that you simply can navigate easily through the thousands of titles and other features that this app has. No got to undergo countless ads, false buttons, and more!

Supports External Media Players – This app allows you to observe and stream media using third-party media players! albeit you would like to observe in MX Player or VLC, you’ll freely do so during this app.

Request Channels – because of the 800+ available channels during this app, you’ll find something that you simply want to watch! But if you can’t find a specific channel that you want, you’ll request it here! you’ll request any channel around the world in order that it’ll be included within the next update.

Chromecast Support – This app also supports Chromecast so you’ll watch movies and shows on the large screen! No got to accept your phone’s small screen.

Absolutely Free – Where else are you able to watch plenty of videos for free of charge aside from Live Net TV? This app has all the features you’d expect from a paid app except for free!

Is Thoptv Android app Legal?

Before downloading this entertainment Android app on your device, you may ask either this app is legal or not. To answer your question, Thoptv streams some channels that violate the copyrights of the providers. This doesn’t mean that it is an illegal app. It streams a lot of free channels too so it is controversial to say that the app is illegal or legal.

If you are worried about any legal penalty, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Downloading this app and installing it on your Android device to watch matches is not a crime. The creator of this app is responsible to tackle any legal actions taken by the broadcasters.

Update: For IPL 2021, the broadcasting rights of live cricket matches are held by Star Sports Group and they are the sole owners of the streaming content. This TV streaming app infringes the copyrights by streaming live IPL matches during IPL 2021.

About Thoptv App APK

The story around this started when Thopster Athen started a simple app for Android OS. That app was named Thoptv and it aggregated a lot of TV channels in a single place. This app brought both FTA (aka. Free to Air) and encrypted TV channels. Live channels were covered as well as several pre-recorded serials, entertainment shows, cricket matches, and other media were available on this app.

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